The Day Has Arrived!

Here are some things to remember. Some of the items will be reminders from the invitations. Others will be tidbits that will help you enjoy the day.

TO ALL REGARDING PARKING: Lawn Olympics is at 39 Broadturn, roughly a third of a mile from Route 1; you cannot miss it!! However, Parking at the house is limited. If you can, we ask you to park at Martin Avenue, which is the street on the left before the house. There will be signs. Please go all the way to the end of Martin Avenue to the turn-about, turn back toward Broadturn and park on the right-hand side of the street. PLEASE DO NOT TURN AROUND IN DRIVEWAYS! LO will be a short walk from Martin! If you have children or things to drop off, you can proceed to LO to do so. There may be a spot available for you to park.

The weather is always interesting. Rain Soaked 2003, Crazy Wind in 2004, Blazing Heat of 2005. There is no rain date. If it's wet, bring your slickers. If it's hot, bring your sun screen. There will be plenty of shelter to help you stay dry or cool between events.

Regretfully we want to remind you, there are no dogs allowed at Lawn Olympics. If you plan to stay for L.O.A.D.ed (Lawn Olympics After Dark) feel free to make arrangement to have your dog join us then. L.O.A.D.ed will start at approximately 8:00pm.


Registration starts at 11:30. Events start at 12:55. Do not lallygag! If you want to get into events, you'd better be there between 11:30 and 12:30.


From 95 North or South: Take exit 42, Scarborough, formerly Exit 6.Off the ramp, go straight through the light onto Haigis Highway. Haigis will come to Route 1 shortly; turn right onto Route 1. Travel roughly 1.5 miles (you’ll drive through a large marsh) until you come to a set of stoplights. The first is at Payne Road; get into the right lane. The second is Broadturn. Turn right at the second light onto Broadturn Road.

From Portland/295 South:
Take exit 2 to Scarborough, Route 1. Travel on Route 1 for roughly 4 miles. You’ll travel through a large marsh. Once out of the marsh, you’ll come to a set of stoplights. The first is at Payne Road; get into the right lane. The second is Broadturn. Turn right at the second light onto Broadturn Road.

If you are bringing a dessert for the Dessert Contest, please take it directly to the big tent upon arrival. There will be instructions there for you to follow. Everyone will get one vote card at registration. Use it wisely!

If you are the sitting type, we recommend maybe bringing along a lawn chair. We have many places to cop a squat but you may want to have your own seat to watch the Horseshoes finals.


We love to organize this now infamous event but it's no secret that it comes with a price tag. We want to mention that we shamelessly except donations. There's no set dollar amount. Come, eat, drink, enjoy yourself and put into the jar what you feel you've gotten out of the day!

We would love for everyone to stay for L.O.A.D.ed. Sort of the after-party, a chance for everyone to blow off some steam...especially the gods! If you feel inclined to stick around for some late night shenanigans, here are some options to make sure everyone is safe:

Tent and Camp - We have plenty of room to pitch a tent and crash for the night. A word to the wise: the sun doesn't hit the side lawn (under the oak trees) until late morning!

Cab and Ride - We know it's a little early to think about leaving the party but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead. Cabs can take about an hour for pick -up and cost roughly $25 for a ride to Portland. Not bad if you share!

ABC Taxi - 772-8685
AM & PM Taxi 772-7800
Friendly Taxi - 772-4240

Hotel and Sleep - There are a few Hotels that are just a stone's throw away from the Fields of Riverside. These might be an option to give you a good night's sleep.

Blue Point Motel - 691 US Route - 207-883-4917

Admiral Motel – 549 US Route - 207-883-9206

Lighthouse Inn - 366 Pine Point Rd - 207-883-3213

Enough talk. Let's get down to business. See you at LO.