Lawn Olympics After Dark… where the Olympians go to celebrate.

Simply put, L.O.A.D.ed is the after parties you go to after an epic party… where you’ve had a great time and just aren’t quite ready to go home. Good news… you don’t have to!!
Stick around for more fun.

L.O.A.D.ed starts shortly after closing ceremonies. When the sun goes down, the God of Fire answers the call with a raging bonfire… pull up your campfire chair, sit back, relax, and enjoy a few early evening spirits. There are no further L.O. sanctioned events, but if you’ve got the energy, there is still plenty to do… fire, friends, music and Shipyard beer lay the ground work for plenty of home grown shenanigans.

Depending on crowd enthusiasm, there may be beer table games and flip cup!

We politely ask you arrange to take the kids home, as L.O.A.D.ed can become randy at times. Dogs, however, are welcome at L.O.A.D.ed but be aware all dogs are welcome and there is little structure to the night and plenty of dropped hamburgers around the grounds. Yes, a dogs paradise.

"Pace yourself." - God of Merriment