Check out the first Lawn Olympics Invitation

Audio Invite 1999


The tradition of Lawn Olympics was born on October 3, 1999 -- the day after Pam and Brett's wedding. The official story tells of its creation evolving from the couple's desire to spend more time with guests in town for the nuptials. The truth, however, reveals that Brett, tired of hearing Pam talking about 'her day', decided that he needed 'his day'. It is a well know fact that, like most woman, Pam had been secretly thinking of her wedding for years before the majestic day. Brett had dreams of his own. His day would entail friends and family coming together for barbecue, summer beverages and gut wrenching, heart pounding, kill or be killed, friendly, competition.

After long negotiations with Pam about the 1-2 punch wedding - Brett was given the 'go ahead' for the LO weekend. Two local groomsmen, Chad Bernheisel and Kevin Charest, and a young promising townie named Michael Anderson were chosen to form the Lawn Olympics Committee. Together the five of them set out on the daunting task to have a major event happen the day after a grand wedding.

The Committee succeeded. On October 3, 1999, although rough around the edges, the first Lawn Olympics was held. Brett's vision had been surpassed. A good time was had by all and by the end of the afternoon talk of Lawn Olympics 2000 had already started.

There has only been one wedding, but there has been many Lawn Olympics, and it is promising to be bigger and better than ever. The Committee is expecting competitors from across the country. Word has it that Beantown is abuzz with enthusiasm for the event, as past attendees rally friends and relatives to join them this year. Of course, it wouldn't be Lawn Olympics without the local athletes keeping the trash talk heated and outrageous.

Come one, come all -- but be forewarned! Once you attend a Lawn Olympics, you're on the list!