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The Captains
In 2002, the Clans were formed; in 2003 the Clan Competition came of age. Lawn Olympics 2003 was shaped by the advent of Clan Captains.

Travis, Kari, Adin, Kelly and Tim after the days festivities

Hand-picked by the gods, these captain were responsible for clan organization, performance and morale. Toting balloons and clipboards, the Captains were easily noticed. Whether cheering on clan members or vying for preferential treatment from the gods, the Captains were an ever-present force during Lawn Olympics 2003

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Clan Cries
Each captain was given the task of creating a battle cry to be used by his or her Clan as both inspiration and intimidation. Throughout the day, crazy chants could be heard across the fields. These chants became signifiers of Clan unity and support.

“15-2, 15-4 we are the Pone and we know the score”

“Blue and White, ready to fight. GOOOOO Ringers!”

“Who rocks the party that rocks the party?
                        We rocks the party that rocks the party!”

“wickets, wickets, wickets. stick it, stick it, stick it”

“Yo Yo Yo Yo YOKELS!”

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Clan Competitions
The gods expanded the day’s festivities by adding two Clan-oriented events. The first and most well received was the Scavenger Hunt. Each Clan was given a list of items to obtain and present to the Gods by the close of Lawn Olympics. Items ranged from a Transpass, to Thongs. The list also included obscure trivia questions like “While playing beer die…what’s the quickest way up from Boston?”

See The 2003 Scavenger Hunt List and Answers

The second Clan-oriented event was the Trivia Contest. In the Trivia Contest, three chosen Olympians from each Clan did battle in a test of useless knowledge. Categories such as world, pop culture, sports and potpourri gave the participants all the challenge they needed that day.

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Final Standing
At the Awards Ceremony the Clan Competition points were tallied. In a tight race, The Pones squeaked out their second win in two years and remained the undisputed top Clan.

1. The Pones

2. The Ringers

3. The Wickets

4. The Yokels

5. The Swingers

The creation of Clans was to add another dimension to Lawn Olympics. With the enthusiasm and vigor shown from this years' Clans, it is obvious that The Clans are here to stay.

Written By Josh Wolfgram

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