Tim H. - Molly - Andy - O.B.
Bocce Construction Crew (Larry, Tim H., Josh)
HAV - Josh - The McLeod's - Keg Keepers - Kari

Clean-up Crew (Jenn, Brad, Nick, Laurie, Janice, Chris, Molly, Sherri, Josh and Tiff)

The Lawn Olympics Gods would like to thank everyone who attended LO'02 for bringing your great competitive spirit and your appreciation for homegrown fun. Thank you, also, for donating generously to the cause. Without the community piggy bank, LO would not be possible. But mostly, thank you for bringing people with you - your cousin, your neighbor, that guy you know from out of town who would just love to take part in something like this!

LO gets larger and more diverse every year, a fact that drives us to put it together again and again, every year being a little bit better than the year before.
For instance, you may have noticed an addition to the competition roster: the dessert contest. The response to the bake-off was phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who rolled up their sleeves, dug out their measuring spoons and whipped up their favorite dessert in the spirit of friendly competition. There were some delicious concoctions, and the Gods look forward to sampling even more this year.
There are a few more people that the LO Gods would like to thank for helping to fill everyone’s bellies with food and drink.
Thank you to Tim Harkins for donating several boxes of Zushi for everyone to try! Thank you to Molly Hogan for making endless pots of Baked Beans and several salads to add to the mix!
For the second year, Grill Master Andy Clement cooked up the grub and served it hot! Thanks Andy for the help. You make the day better! And thank you, thank you, thank you to the Mighty O.B. for donating a keg of Gritty’s Pale Ale, brewed that very day! Beer...good.
Another exciting addition to LO’02 was the exhibition “sport” of Bocce. Although the wet conditions prevented us from utilizing the court to its fullest potential, the enthusiasm for the game was apparent. Construction of the Bocce court was an enormous undertaking spanning several month. There are a few individuals who stand out as being instrumental in its creation:

Larry Glidden was kind enough to haul his farm tractor and its rotor-tiller from Parkman to Portland and to spend an entire day tilling and smoothing the area that would eventually be the court and its surrounding lawn. Larry’s trip south saved the Gods a ton of time and back-breaking work. Thanks, LG, for your time!

The picture to the left is the first shovel of the bocce courts construction phase. We shoveled for 2 hours before pam suggested we ask Larry G. for help. It was a good suggestion.

Once the court’s skeleton was in place, it was time to lay the gravel and stone dust. Tim Harkins donated his truck to the effort, without which, the Gods would have been trucking the materials in Brett’s Colt, twenty shovels-full at a time. Thanks, Tim, for lending us your truck to the grounds crew, and for sacrificing your tarp for the cause!

And then there was Josh, who throughout the entire process, lifted shovel after shovel of dirt and gravel; raked, raked and raked some more; and perhaps most importantly, kept the cooler full. As always, Josh, thanks for your willingness to do the grunt work in return for a few free beers!

To the left is the inaugural toss of the Anderson-Wolfgram Bocce Court. If memory serves...Wolfgram won in command fashion.

One thing we always hear from returning participants, as well as from first-time LOers, is that our attention to detail truly improves the atmosphere of the day. Again, we owe endless thanks to a number of people for helping us out with the little things that make the big picture so enjoyable.
The LO Gods would like to thank the folks at Headlight AV for lending everything from tents to speakers, from bullhorns to spotlights. Without Headlight, LO’02 wouldn’t have been nearly as loud and would have been only half as bright!

Our Headlight Representative, Jim Gerry and family, showed us what the true spirit of Lawn Olympics by trying nearly every event.
It seems we’re always mentioning Josh Wolfgram, but again, we’d be fools not to take advantage of Josh’s diverse and tremendous skills. In this instance, Josh went to work printing large signs showing each Clan’s logo. The signs were displayed on poles overlooking the wiffleball field. Unfortunately, they had to be covered with plastic to protect them from the rain, so they may not have been quite as prominent as they should have been, but they’ll be back this year, proudly encompassing the look of Lawn Olympics. Thank you, Josh, for your beautiful work!
Making a return this year was the arcade. Unfortunately, the rain dampened the activities a bit…except for Foozball. Amy and Dickie McLeod generously loaned their foozball table to the day’s festivities for the second year in a row, and we’re sure were pleased to see that it was kept under the tent, out of the rain, and was being fully utilized for most of the day. Thank you, Amy and Dickie, for lending us the table again, and hopefully, you’ll find ALL the legs this year!
A group, that we’ve come to think of as the Keg-Keepers, took it upon themselves to provide a safe haven for people wishing to step out of the rain while filling their solo cups. This group was headed by Robert Barnes, who just happens to carry a 10x10 tent with him everywhere. Robert and his companions snapped the tent together and placed it securely over the kegs, providing refuge from the storm for weary athletes seeking beer. Thanks, Robert, for your quick thinking and valuable leadership skills!
And finally, thank you to Kari Barnhart for a number of things! Thank you for the booze run to New Hampshire that allowed us to make vast amounts of margarita’s tax-free! Thank you, for the super-cool donations to the pool of prizes given out in the closing ceremonies. And Thank you for being such a good sport in modeling for everyone not only the Official LO’02 T-shirt but that other very special, one-of-a-kind, custom-made-just-for-you shirt that read, "I angered the gods...Ask me how". And you still have it, right?
That concludes our list of individual Thank You’s for LO’02, but we feel compelled to mention one more group of people who made an enormous impact the day after the big event. Each year, we emphasize the fact that everyone is welcome to pitch tents, park RVs, sleep under the stars -- whatever they want as long as they know they’re free to stay the night. This year, we had a number of people take us up on that offer, and fortunately for us, they were all willing to stick around the next day to help us clean up. This group, which rapidly became our favorite considering the task before us, included Jenn, Brad, Nick, Laurie, Janice, Chris, Molly, Sherri, Josh and Tiff. Thank you, guys, for hanging in there and helping us out! Thanks to you, it only took us one day to clean up instead of a full week like in year’s past.