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The Day to Come
(Seen Through New Eyes)

By Christina Hilligoss
(god of Awesome)

June 14, 2010

Lawn Olympics 2010 is set to be a day packed with fierce competition and team camaraderie.

Here’s how we anticipate LO 2010 to play out:

Registration starts at 11:30! When you arrive the first thing you’ll need to do is register. At registration, you’ll select the LO games your interested in participating in and be randomly placed on a Clan. Don’t let this scare you, this is your opportunity to make new friends. Besides, if you’re participating in the same events as the friends you arrived with you’ll likely spend the majority of the day with them.

Lawn Olympics is best experienced from the Beginning so be there for registration!

Once you’ve gotten your Clan, you’ll meet your Clan Captain and get your T-shirt.

Opening ceremonies are at 1:00. The gods will give a short overview of the events of the day and set some ground rules.

After BIG group photo. You’ll then have a quick clan meeting to determine who on the clan will participate in each event and also ensure that your clan has proper representation at each event. It’s up to you as a clan to make sure that everyone gets to participate. Use your teamwork skills to help your clan captain make this happen!

As always, the first event will be the Egg Toss.

After Egg Toss, we switch it up this year and Have Odyssey of the Mind. This Years OOTM is looking to be one of the best. You might say it will sail away from other years...

Trivia of Death will start after OOTM. If you are not participating in Trivia of Death, pull up a chair and let’s see how smart your fellow clan members are. If your not a trivia buff the grill will be fired up and the kegs will be flowing so regain your strength.

At this time the horseshoe pits, croquet field and cribbage boards are yours to use. Use this time to determine the best candidates on your clan to participate in these LO sanctioned events later in the day.

The Wiffleball Tournament is next. Ever clan plays once and the 2 winning clans with the highest run total plays for the championship. The Homerun derby will be after the Tournament It will consist of the top 3 home run hitters from the Wiffle Tourney.

The afternoon continues with Ping Pong, Giant Jenga and the Scavenger Hunt.

Then it’s on… time to determine the winning clan in the horseshoe pits, on croquet field and on cribbage board. Each clan will send their best team to represent them in round robin tournaments.

The last and most anticipated event of the day is LOCO… the Lawn Olympics Course of Obstacles. This is the event that can make the difference between victory lane and Loserville. Your clan needs you here, it’s time to dig deep and give it your all to make it through the infamous LOCO.

Lawn Olympics concludes with the closing ceremonies where the winning clan is announced along with Clan MVPs and event awards.

Of course the fun doesn’t end here… stick around for LOADed…