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Let's Go LOCO!

By Michael James Anderson

June 19, 2008

Lawn Olympics is about looking both backwards and forwards. As the event has evolved and grown over the years, the Gods have always tried to maintain a delicate balance between tradition and progress, consistency and innovation. On the one hand, we know that there are certain aspects of the day that keep people coming back, traditions that have become “signatures” of L.O. We started 10 years ago with horseshoes, croquet, cribbage, wiffleball, and the egg toss, and these will always be part of our day, maintaining the true core of Lawn Olympics. On the other hand, we know that we cannot rest on our laurels, cannot allow these signature events to carry the full burden of the experience. Over the years, we have tried to mix things up with new concepts and ideas.

You can picture the scene: the Gods at their very first planning meeting, reflecting on the last Lawn Olympics and patting each other on the back for a job well done. We will laugh about the egg that always ends up in a poor soul’s hair during the Egg Toss or chuckle over a memorable Clan call. Then the inevitable statement will come: “You know what would be great this year?” Sometimes the idea is a frivolous one, brainstormed for a few minutes before being set aside (although we haven’t completely given up on the bear trap for CHOD concept). Other times it is just a rough sketch, a seed of an idea that eventually becomes reality, something like “we should break up everyone into teams and have someone in charge of those teams who can try to lead them to victory.” Yes, this year we celebrate five years of Clan Captains with the Battle of the Ultimate All-Stars, a seed that has grown and taken its rightful place as a Lawn Olympics staple, as irreplaceable as anything we do during the day. In addition, we are proud to introduce another innovation, an event that we hope will become an integral part of L.O. Again picture the God’s first planning meeting of the year, this time for Lawn Olympics 2008. Again, the inevitable statement, “You know what would be great this year?” The answer seemed obvious: “An absolutely insane obstacle course that involves scuba gear, egg peeling, balance beams, and a minefield!”

Yes, the Gods of Lawn Olympics are proud to present LOCO: the Lawn Olympics Course of Obstacles. An event that will pit teams from each clan against each other on a course of Japanese game show proportions (with a noticeable Lawn Olympics flavor), LOCO is strategically scheduled as the final event of Lawn Olympics 2008. This means that, based on past years’ results, it could be the event that makes the difference between sweet victory and bitter defeat. The details of the course will be revealed for all on Saturday afternoon, but for now know that LOCO is shaping up to be a monumental aspect of the day, involving both the thrill of victory and the agony of de-feet (you will get that later). On the cusp of Lawn Olympics 2008, we look forward to seeing you all, and watch out for that bear trap.