From LO 2004

It is that time of year again. The time when the gods of Lawn Olympics begin to plan the upcoming LO, only to realize they haven’t properly put the cap on last year’s event. Despite what we would have you believe, the gods have qualities remarkably similar to humans in that once they’ve put a vast amount of work into something, they need time to rest, which leads to procrastination and then to forgetfulness altogether. What the hell am I talking about, you wonder?

THANK YOUs! Each year, there are vast amounts of people who pitch in to make the day grand for everyone and each year, the gods are somewhat delayed in offering them the proper amount of …well, props. We mean no harm; we just get tired! So now that we’re rested from a long winter of non-LO, allow me to begin:

First, to the corporate sponsors without whom LO would not be the same:

To Leslie Pugsley and the fine folks at Shipyard: your donation of beer is among the most generous of gifts we receive for LO and the most appreciated by the most people year after year, and last year was no different! Wait, I take that back! Last year was very different because along with the kegs came a handy tap mechanism that made is oh, so much easier to get a cup of that frothy goodness!
We thank you for your support from the bottom of our bellies!

To Jamie Blow and the boys and girls at Blow Brothers: a first-time donor, your gift went hand in hand with the donation from Shipyard. After all, when people drink beer, they need to go potty – porta-potty, that is!! Thank you for setting us up with two pristine potties suitable for men and women alike! You single-handedly change the way we do things for LO!

To Grace and Dave at Headlight Audio Visual: what can we say? You’ve been there for LO since the beginning. We sincerely appreciate the deep discounts you extend to us in order to increase the production value of the day! We all know that Brett would be but half a man without a microphone or a bullhorn in his hand, so for completing him and our day, we thank you!

To Skurka Builders and Lovely Assistant: for the loan of one picnic table and the gift of another, the very special commemorative Riverside’s Last Stand table, no less, we thank you! Seating was underrated until last year! Thanks!

To Jerry Charest: for spending so much time with a pig that wouldn’t cook, we offer our gratitude and our God of Fellowship to cook the thing on the grill! Sorry it took so much time out of your day.

To Andy Clement: because no thank you page would be complete without a shout out to Andy, this year for lending the committee your trailer for various goings on and for serving up the superb sauces that so elegantly accompanied the pork!! Yum! Thanks Andy!

To Kari Barnhart and Friend (Steve, was it?): for gallantly stepping in and taking over the grill in high-pressure times! We knew you had it in you, Kid! Great job feeding everyone and getting them through the line quickly enough so everyone could make it to the largest ever game of pass-the-trash! Bravo!!

To Adin Wolfgram: for being the best darn Official Greeter Lawn Olympics has ever had…ever!! And of course for all that you do each year just to help out where ever you can! Don’t think for a minute that you’re assistance goes unappreciated – it doesn’t! Thank you!

To Abby Barnhart: for bringing the Pizza Dip! What is in that stuff, crack?!! Oh man! Yum!

To Stacy Lundberg: for bringing the Meatballs! The girl only cooks three things, but she does them well! Thank goodness Meatballs are one of them!

To Molly Hogan (Anderson now, but not then): for bringing the Pasta Salad! The day is never complete without your salad, Molly! Thank you!

To Adin Wolfgram – yes again, because this is the food section: for bringing your Mac n’ Cheese! Nothing says Lawn Games like mac n’ cheese! Thank you!

To Mary Gallaraga: for also knowing that nothing says Lawn Games like mac n’ cheese! Thank you, Mary, for your surprise contribution! We believe you can never have too much of the stuff! Thank you so much!

To our Clan Captains, Sherri, Jenn, Adam, Andy and Brad: for being troopers in the face of adversity, particularly in the pouring morning rain! Thanks for coming early and helping wherever the need arose! And thank you for bringing your spirit to the games!

And finally, to the Clean-Up Crew - Patsy, Tiff, Bestall, Nick, Laurie, Deb and any straggling TT girls that happened to be left-over in the morning: for sticking around after a long night of shenanigans and helping to pick up the grounds, wash dishes, pack supplies, clean the floors (which really deserves a trophy in the future), fold chairs, and basically anything else that helped us put the do-it to LO’04.

Lawn Olympics 2004 was a vast success! To everyone who simply attended and thereby added to the enjoyment of the day, THANK YOU!


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